A Fine Tang Sancai Pottery Jar and Cover

Tang Dynasty 618 - 907

A Fine Tang Sancai Jar and Cover, Tang Dynasty (618-907) from a Kiln in the Henan Area. This small globular shaped Tang pottery jar is made of fine clay tinged with a trace of creamy pink tone. The unglazed lower section shows clear ridges where the potter has turned the clay on a wheel. The bright clear lead-glaze is coloured with ochre and green oxides, the clear areas are the result of a wax resist technique. This technique is much associated with textiles from around the world but it is also used in ceramic production. The design on the present piece is perhaps in imitation of Tang fabric, some Tang sancai designs certainly appear to be based on fabric patterns of the period. The relationship between ceramics and textiles includes techniques such as wax resist as well as patterns and textures. A very similar Tang jar from the Meiyintang Collection is described by Regina Krahl as being “probably slipped”, in other words having a slip (basically fine clay wet enough to paint on) but the present example appears not to be slipped. 


In excellent condition with a very well preserved bright glaze. A minute chip under the cove next to the glazed firing fault.
Height 7.4 cm (3 inches)
Blitz Oriental Art, 21st of May 1991 Fl.11,000 (Guilders), a copy of the invoice accompanies this jar and cover. See the Photograph Gallery for an image of Mr. Dries Blitz on a bicycle. The Collection of P.J. Stolk.
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For a very similar Tang Sancai jar see : Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, Volume One (Regina Krahl, Azimuth Editions 1994. ISBN 1-8985592-02-0) page 144, item 244.



Provenance : Blitz Oriental Art

Blitz Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art was founded in Amsterdam in 1978. Since then Dries and Diana Blitz, later with Willemijn Murray, have sold many fine objects to collectors and museums worldwide.

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Blitz Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art was founded in Amsterdam in 1978.