A Blue and White Japanese Porcelain Jar

c.1670 - 1680

A Large 17th Century Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Jar. This large Arita porcelain jar is an early Japanese export piece c.1670 – 1680. The painting is free, in places rather sketchy. The continuous scene wraps around the center of the jar like a scroll painting. The subject matter of buildings nestling between jagged pine covered rocks surrounded by water is a common subject for this period. There are also boats, gnarled pine at the waters edge and a large banana plant on a small island. This is linked to the main scene by a small bridge. Tonally the painting is rather varied with some areas where the cobalt blue is almost black and in other parts it has been applied in a thin light wash. This jar would have had a porcelain cover.


The porcelain cover is missing. The top rim has a small fracture line c.1 cm. There are some small rim chips to the top edge.
Height 26.8cm (10 1/3 inches).
From an American Private Collection.
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