A Large Tang Dynasty Pottery Jar and Cover


A Large Tang Dynasty Pottery Jar and Cover, from a Kiln in the Henan area, 7th or early 8th Century. This handsome Tang earthenware jar and cover is of bulbous form and sits on a flat splayed foot. As is typical with these jars the white-slip doesn’t cover the whole body but leaves the lower section with the pale yellow earthenware exposed. The highly translucent green-tinged in turn only covers part of the slip.



In good condition, the very tip of the knop is chipped and there is a small firing fault to the rim with some glaze loss. There is a shallow chip to the unglazed base of the jar. The glaze is degraded due to burial and has large areas where it is semi-matt and matt with associated minor discolouration.
Height 25.5cm (10 inches).
From a Private London Collection of Early Chinese Ceramics, formed between c.1970-1990.
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For a similar Tang pottery jar and cover which is 26.4 cm high see : Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection Volume 1 (Regina Krahl, Azimuth Editions, 1994) page 138, plate 228.