A Ming Interregnum Porcelain Bowl Mid – 15th Century

Ming Interregnum, Jingtai 1450 -1457 or Tianshun 1457 -1464

A Ming Dynasty Blue and White Bowl, Interregnum (Zhengtong 1436 ~1449  Jingtai 1450 -1457 or Tianshun 1457 -1464). This bowl was produced at the latter part of the Ming Interregnum period, from the reign of Jingtai 1450 -1457 or Tianshun 1457 -1464. The shape of the bowl, for example the high under-cut foot are all typical of Ming Interregnum porcelain. The painting is also typical of the period bowls with similar elements were recovered from tombs dated  1454-1456. Many pieces of Ming Interregnum porcelain, like the present example, are decorated in directly. In other words the painting uses single brush strokes, rather than filled outline drawing. The exterior edge has an unusual single key-fret border, the interior has a more typical continuous key-fret border. The main scene is of a wild landscape with billowing clouds, it is freely decorated with, what I think are flowering orchids, there are tufts of grasses as well. My thanks to Stuart Balmer in the precise dating of  this Interregnum bowl.


Iron-oxide marks to the interior (this is a firing fault). Minor wear.
Diameter 15.2 cm (6 inches).
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