A Northern Song Celadon Carved Bowl

Northern Song 11th or 13th Century

A Song Dynasty Celadon Bowl Perhaps from Fujian. The decoration of this Celadon bowl consists of vigorously carved and combed decoration, the interior is a rather free form interpretation of foliage, the back has comb marks scratched from top to bottom. The glaze sits loosely on the body, it is rather pale and has an olive grey tone to the green. The footrim is thick but neatly potted, the unglazed base has a single Chinese character in black ink.


In good condition. Some extremities with roughness and glaze loss, the glaze is crazed. The glaze doesn't adhere well to the body and there are a few small flakes of glaze that have fallen off.
Diameter 14.3 cm (5 3/4 inches)
From a Private Collection Based in London
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