A Small 17th Century Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Dish

Genroku Period 1688 - 1704

A Small Finely Painted Japanese Dish, Perhaps Kakiemon Kilns, Genroku Period 1688 – 1704. This small Japanese serving dish looks very much like Kakiemon but it is possible that it is from the Arita kilns but in the Kakiemon style. The scene of a waterfall with flowering prunus is carefully thought out and executed. The interior ‘cash’ design is blue with a blue ground, the design is repeated to the exterior but without a blue ground. The base has a single spur mark from the kiln support.


Small repairs ; a few colour filled glaze chips to the iron oxide rim, a Kintsugi 金継ぎ (golden joinery) repair to the footrim and two other tiny Kintsugi repairs to the back of the rim. See additional photographs.
Width c.10 cm (4 inches)
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