A Song or Jin Yaozhou Celadon Ware Bowl c.12th Century

Northern Song 960 - 1127

A Small Fine Yaozhou Celadon Ware Bowl from the Yaozhou Kilns in Shaanxi or Henan Province, Northern Song (960 – 1127) or Jin dynasty (1115 – 1234). This small Yaozhou conical bowl exhibits typical Yaozhou traits, for example the footrim, the lightness of potting and larger but few bubbles than Longquan celadon. The glaze is very shiny, it is clear with small bubbles and of an olive-green tone. The most accurate representations of the colour are the photographs of the interior of the bowl.



Perfect but with some kiln grit to the lower exterior of the bowl.
Diameter : 11 cm (4 inches).
From a Private American Collection
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Yaozhou Celadon Ware
Yaozhou Celadon ware comes in many forms, but small crisply moulded or carved bowls were a popular product, as were miniature press-moulded figures or animals, toys and everyday utensils. The Yaozhou kilns main production at Shaanxi was celadon, but they also produced black and brown wares as well.
Song Yaozhou glazes are rather different to both earlier and later Chinese Celadons. Later celadons from Longquan of the Yuan and Ming Dynasties have a very thick rich glaze suffused with bubbles throughout, these diffuse the light hitting the glaze, creating a very soft rich sheen. Yaozhou Celadons have a thinner glaze with smaller bubbles. Yaozhou celadons have a more obvious green than earlier wares but the thinness of the glaze means that the ceramic body is far more likely to be visible than on Longquan celadons. The colour of Yaozhou celadons tends to be more to wards olive green rather than the Longquan celadon which is normally richer and nearer a true green.