A Song Pottery Dish From a Shipwreck

c.1022 - 1063

A Song Pottery dish from a shipwreck, Guangzhou, Xicun kilns, 11th century. This Song pottery dish is made from a very light open bodied clay. The design of a flower from a small leafy branch has become highly abstracted, it was painted in only a few seconds with a wet brush that carried only a meagre amount of iron-oxide pigment. This Northern Song dish might be from the so-called Renzong Wreck, named after Emperor Renzong of Song 1022-1063.

In good condition, the dish is very dry due to the glaze being erroded by saline water. Some wear, a few minor iron stains.
Diameter : 23.4 cm (9 1/4 inches)
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A Northern Song Bowl from the Xicun kilns

Dated "Zhihe Yuan Nian" 1054 A.D.


Xicum Bowl."Zhihe Yuan Nian" 1054 A.D



Emperor Renzong of Song 1022-1063

Emperor Renzong of Song 1022-1063