ARITA c.1680 – 1690 Japanese Porcelain

A 17th Century Blue and White Japanese Porcelain Dish, Arita Kilns c.1680-1690. Painted in Deep Tones of Cobalt Blue with a Central Scene of a Standing Figure Observing a Waterfall in a Mountainous Landscape. The Broad Rim is Also Decorated with a Mountainous Landscape and Includes `Banded Hedges`. The Subject Matter of this Dish Could be the Poem `A View of the Waterfall of Mount Lushan`.


Diameter : 36 cm (14 1/8 inches).
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For a Japanese blue and white porcelain dish of this design see : The Catalog of "The Shibata Collections" The Exhibition (1) (Akihiko Shibata and Yuko Shibata and others, The Kyushu Ceramic Museum, 1990) page 120, plate 300. For another, rather more sparsely painted example of this design see : Japanese Export Porcelain, Catalogue of the Collection of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (Oliver Impey, Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, 2002) page 108, plate 126.



Waterfall of Mount Lushan :
The famous poem by the Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai (701-762), A View of the Waterfall of Mount Lushan.

Sunlit, the Incense Summit, aglow in smoke and steam;
To afar like a shimmering curtain, a waterfall hangs up-stream:
Rolling, flying, fluttering ~ plunging three thousand feet,
As if ‘twere the Silver River, falling from Heaven Supreme.