ARITA c.1680 – 1720. Japanese Porcelain

A Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Dish in the Kraak Style. Produced at the Arita Kiln in North-Western Kyūshū c.1680-1720. Decorated with a Deer in a Landscape Next to a Pine Tree Growing Out of the Rocks. The Borders Include Taotie Masks and Flowers.


No damage, small glaze imperfection to the left of the deer's hooves.
Diameter : 17.7 cm (7 inches).
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Kraak Porcelain is a type of Chinese Export Porcelain produced from the Ming Dynasty reign of emperor Wanli (1573-1620) until the end of the Ming Dynasty in the 1640's. Kraak ware was exported to Japan, Europe and the Near East, hardly any pieces were retained in China. It was copied at Japanese Porcelain factories from as early as c.1660.

For a Japanese Kakiemon enamel dish of this shape and design, previously from R & G McPherson Antique, now in a private Australian collection see : The Japanese Aesthetic, Three Centuries of Japanese Porcelain Design and Western Interpretations (The Ceramic and Glass Circle of Australia, 2006)pages 18 and 19 item 33.