ARITA c.1690 – 1720 Japanese Porcelain

A Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Dish of Lobed Form Decorated with A Fruiting Branch, Within the Fruit are Two people Playing Go.


A minute chip to the footrim.
Length : 16.5 cm (6 1/2 inches)
A Private English Collection of Chinese and Japanese Porcelain.
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Weiqi / Go:
Go known in Chinese as Weiqi and Go in Japan, is an ancient board game for two players that is noted for being rich in strategy despite its simple rules. The game is played by two players who alternately place black and white stones on the vacant intersections of a grid of 19×19 lines. The object of the game is to control (surround) a larger portion of the board than the opponent. Weiqi originated in ancient China more than 2,500 years ago, and although it is not known exactly when the game was invented, by the 3rd century BC it was already a popular pastime, as indicated by a reference to the game in the Analects of Confucius. Go reached the West through Japan, which is why it is commonly known by its Japanese name. From