ARITA c.1690 – 1730 Japanese Porcelain

A Pair of Japanese Export Porcelain Polychrome Salts After a European Original, Possibly Via a Kangxi Version, Arita Kilns c.1690 – 1730. The Lightly Potted Waisted Form Stands on Three Ball Feet.


Very good, one with some minor wear.
Diameter : 5.2 cm (2 1/8 inches)
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For a an almost identical Japanese porcelain salt dated to 1690-1730 together with a related Dutch silver salt dated 1646 see : The Voyage of Old Imari Porcelains (The Kyushu Ceramic Museum, 2000) page 8468 and 69, plates 118 and 119. For a pair of very similar Japanese porcelain salts see : Fine and Curious, Japanese Export Porcelain in Dutch Collections (Christiaan J.A.Jorg,Hotei Publishing,2003. ISBN 90-74822-16-9) page 164, plate 187 and plate 187a for a Kangxi blue and white version of this form with similar decoration. Jorg comments that the Japanese salts are probably not directly copied from the Dutch, but are based on the Chinese porcelain version of this form. Another of these Japanese porcelain salts, given a surprisingly early date of c.1670-1690, is illustrated in : Japanese Export Porcelain, Catalogue of the Collection of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (Dr.Oliver Impey, Hotei Publishing, 2002) page 193, item 308. For another of these Japanese porcelain salts go to : The Victoria and Albert Museum, Room 137, Case O, shelf 3, item 13.