ARITA c.1720 – 1780 Japanese Export Porcelain

A Pair of 18th Century Japanese Export Porcelain Seated Spaniels, Arita Kilns c.1720-1780. The Facing Pair of Dogs have a Gilded Collar with Suspended Gilded Bell. Painted in Using Pink, Brown, Grey and Orange with Typically Japanese Erratic Markings.


In very good condition , a very small section of one paw restuck.
Height : 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)
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For a pair of Qianlong dogs of this form and more discussion on the breed of dog copied see : The Copeland Collection, Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Figures (William Sergent, The Peabody Museum of Salem,1991. ISBN 0-87577-158-0) page 184.


Pairs of spaniels of this form are well known during the Qianlong period, they were made for export to the West and would have been part of `Private Trade`. The present examples closely follow the Chinese originals in terms of form but the colours employed and rather odd markings show them to be Japanese. The origins of these models are thought to be European but no prototype has been found. According to William Sargent (see reference below, page 256) Japanese enamelled dogs were in the collection of Augustus the Strong by June 1722. As no European originals are known it might be possible the form originated in Japan but that is pure conjecture.