BIZEN WARE, MOMOYAMA PERIOD 1573 – 1615 Japanese Pottery

A Momoyama (1573-1615) Bizen Ware Mizusashi (Water Jar). The Wheel Thrown Round Form with Protruding Rim – Yahazuguchi – Arrow Notch Mouth. The Rough Unrefined Iron Bearing Clay is Unglazed but Partly Covered with Ash, Producing a Beautiful `Landscape – Keshiki` of Yellow Goma (Sesame Seed). The Body is Roughly Cut with Seemingly Erratic Meandering Lines. The Body has Two Double Ring Handles or `Ears`. A Kiln Mark Kamajirushi 三is Incised into the Base. This Mark is Frequently Found on Momoyama Pieces. There is a Later (20th Century) Black Lacquer Cover and Wooden Box.


In perfect condition.
Height : 17.2 cm (6 3/4 inches).
The Ulrich Vollmer Collection of Japanese Pottery.
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Published and Exhibited :
Momoyama-Keramik Und Ihr Einfluss Auf Die Gegenwart (Various authors, Gurdrun-Esters for the Keramion Foundation, Frechen, Germany, 2011. ISBN 978-3-94005-6-8.) page 43, plate 67.

This Themizusashi is accompanied by a certificate of Okada Shouei reading: Ko-bizen mimi tsuki yahazuguchi mizusashi, momoyama jidai, shouei kan - Old Bizen arrow notch mouth Mizusashi with ears, Momoyama period signed and sealed Shouei".
Okada Shouei(1909-1987) was an outstanding Japanese scholar of Oriental ceramics - and is, together with Katsura Matahei, considered the top authority on old Bizen.