A Small Tang Sancai Pottery Cup 7th or 8th Century

A Tang Sancai glazed pottery Cup, probably from a kiln in Henan Province, Tang Dynasty 7th or 8th century. The rim and interior of this lead-glazed cup is decorated with alternate green and iron-brown spots. The exterior is partly unglazed. Cups such as this formed part of a set, often presented on a Sancai glazed pottery tray.


There is a chip to the outer rim c.9 x 2 mm and a very shallow chip c.9 x 2 mm as well as a small glaze loss to the rim.
Diameter : 7 cm (2 3/4 inches)
From a Private English Collection.
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Sancai Pottery :
Sancai (three colours) is a term used to describe low fired polychrome glazes consisting of three or sometimes four colours. These were predominately green, brown, yellow and cream. Typical Sancai pottery includes lead fluxed Tang wares.