Jin or Yuan Dynasty 12th to 13th Century Cizhou Bowl of Hares Fur Type

A Song or Jin Northern Black Stoneware Bowl with light Hare’s Fur markings. This small bowl, referred to as a ‘Wan‘ in Chinese, is of Cizhou type and was probably made in either Shandong, Hebei or Henan province. The single application of glaze is very dark, thick and carries tiny bubbles in the interior which are thicker in the well where the glaze pools. The yellowish-white biscuit body is of rather open texture and far less dense than comparative bowls produced in Southern China. The rim is of a russet brown with Hare’s Fur streaks running down to the well of the bowl where the glazes pools at a distinct angle. The cut footrim is broad with the center of the base has a small trail of glaze.



In excellent condition.
Diameter 13.2 cm. (5 1/3 inches).
From a Private London Collection of Early Chinese Ceramics, formed between c.1970-1990.
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For more information about this type of Hare's Fur bowl see : Hare’s Fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partridge Feathers, Chinese Brown And Black Glazed Ceramics, 400-1400 (Robert D. Mowry, Harvard University Art Museum Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1996).