EASTERN HAN 25 – 220. Han Lead-Glazed Pottery

A Han Pottery Model of a Goats in a Pen, Eastern Han Period 25-220. The Green Lead-Glazed Red Pottery Model Shows Four Seated Goats in a Circular Pen.


A large 'V' shaped rim chip now repaired.
22.6 cm (8 3/4 inches).
Collection of Baroness Dunn. Lydia Selina Dunn, Baroness Dunn, DBE, JP was the Senior Unofficial Member of the Legislative Council and Executive Council in Hong Kong in 1985-1988 and 1988-1995, after Rogerio Hyndman Lobo and Chung Sze Yuen respectively. She has been deputy chairman of HSBC in 1992-2008. As one of the most senior politicians in Hong Kong, Baroness Dunn had considerable influence in the Government of Hong Kong before her retirement in 1992, after Chris Patten was made Governor.
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A very similar Han Dynasty sheep-pen is on display at the British Museum, Seligamn Bequest, OA 1973 7-26-171.


Animal pens such as this were an important element in rural China at this time, other Mingqi pottery models of this type show farm buildings, mills, ovens and watch towers as well as the animals and the farmers themselves. Mingqi pottery objects were designed specifically for use in tombs. Most Han Mingqi pottery consists of copies of bronze or lacquer vessels or models of architecture forms, figures as well as animals. Food was an important element of Han burials, as with ancient Egypt foodstuffs were believed to provide sustenance for the next life. Richer tombs were generously supplied with raw agricultural products.