A Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Bowl c.1690 – 1740

A Japanese Blue and White Export Porcelain bowl, Arita kilns c.1690-1740. The steeply sided barded rim bowl is based on Ming porcelain Kraakware ‘Crow Cups’. The decoration is of rocks and plants, the well of the bowl is painted with two well-dressed ladies holding a parasol. The barded rim is dressed with an iron-oxide enamel, Fuchibeni in Japanese meaning lipstick. The base with a running Fuku mark meaning luck. As with other bowls of this type it is made of a rather light  ‘soft’ or underfired clay. One of a pair being sold individually.


There is a small shallow rim chip to one of the barbs on the top edge c.4 x 2mm.
Diameter : 10.2cm (4 inches)
Stock number
For a barbed rim dish of this pattern with touches of Kakiemon enamels from The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, See Japanese Porcelain (Soame Jenyns, Faber and Faber, 1965) Plate 73D. For a bowl of this type see sold item 22121 -Robert McPherson Antiques. The John Drew Collection of Oriental Ceramics, Item 216. The Jack Johnson Collection of Chinese and Japanese Ceramics.



Both Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Bowls Shown Together but Sold Separately - Stock numbers 25167 and 25168.

Japanese Porcelain Bowls c.1690-1740.