JIN DYNASTY 1115 – 1234 Cizhou Ware

A Cizhou Painted Stoneware Dish, Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), North China, Probably Hebei, Henan or Shanxi. Decorated with a Large Central Calligraphic Design within Circles.


In good condition with minor staining.
Diameter : 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)
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The name Cizhou originated from the ancient area of Cizhou, encompassing a broad arc across China, which was first recorded during the Sui dynasty (581-618). However, the location constantly shifted and though the area of Cizhou is mentioned in the Tang dynasty (618-906) and Five Dynasties (906-960), each referred to an altered location.During the Song, Jin (1125-1234), Yuan (1279-1368), and partly into the Ming dynasties (1368-1644) the kiln areas of Cizhou were primarily concentrated in the northern provinces of Hebei, Henan, and Shaanxi.

This Cizhou Dish is constructed of a pale cream-grey coloured stoneware body which. The body has then been covered in a layer of slip (a slurry of wet clay), the piece was then decorated in iron-oxide brown and finally covered with a transparent glaze which is pooling in places on the reverse. The five `spurs` of clay from the kiln support are still clearly visible on the footrim and appear feintly on the front of the dish.