KANGXI 1662 – 1722 Chinese Export Porcelain

A Rare Initialled Blue and White Chinese Export Porcelain Plate, Kangxi Period c.1700-1720. Decorated in a Baroque Taste with a Palm Wreath Tided with a liefdeknoop (Loveknot) the Center with a Initials, `S S` Possibly with a `V`. The Border with Flowering and Fruiting Passion Flowers.


Very good, a small amount of very light fritting.
Diameter : 27.2 cm (10 2/3 inches).
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For a Blue and White Kangxi Porcelain plate with initials from this service see : Chinese Armorial Porcelain For The Dutch Market (Dr Jochen Kroes, Waanders Publishers,2007.ISBN978-90-400-83310) Item 3. For similar Kangxi plate, of a more well know version of this design, simplified by replacing the initials with a passion flower see : Chinese Export Porcelain and Works of Art, Sotheby`s London, 14th of May 1996 lot 20. The catalogue speculates that this design might be after a Delft example. For examples of this simplified version see our `Sold Items` numbers 18899 and 18912.



Dr Jochen Kroes states that palms and loveknots, liefdeknoop in Dutch, were particularly used by married women and that plates such as the example with initials were from an unknown commission from a woman, probably for the Dutch market. Dr Kroes goes on to state that the example illustrated in `Chinese Armorial Porcelain For The Dutch Market` is part of a set of plates with two recorded examples. The flamboyant European Baroque style of border is similar to that found on the reverse side of the `Canal House` vases of the Vung Tau Cargo (Kangxi c.1690-1700).