KANGXI to QIANLONG c.1720 – 1740 Chinese Biscuit Porcelain

 A Rare Large 18th Century Chinese Biscuit Porcelain Plant Holder in the Form of a Toad, Kangxi, Yongzheng or Early Qianlong c.1720-1740. The Biscuit Porcelain Body is Decorated with Rows of Tiny Glaze Balls Pushed into the Leather Hard Porcelain Body. The Webbed Feet Are Painted in Iron-Oxide Brown and the Protruding Eyes are Painted in a Black Iron-Oxide. The Flat Base has Two Holes for Drainage.



In good condition however inevitably there are some areas where the enamel 'texture' is missing. Some firing cracks.
Length : 27.5 cm (10 3/4 inches)
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For an 18th century biscuit porcelain toad of this type but with bright green and pink colouring dated to late 18th century see : Fine Chinese Export Porcelain, Sotheby`s London 17th March 1981. For several small Yongzheng water droppers of the same construction and very similar form but with the addition of applied leaves see : Tau Co Ca Mau, The Ca Mau Shipwreck 1723 - 1735 (Nguyen Dinh Chien, Na Noi, 2002) pages 204 and 205, plates 296-299. For a Yongzheng or early Qianlong model of a frog which as perhaps used as a plant holder see our `Sold Items` number 23913.