Late WANLI to Early CHONGZHEN c.1600 – 1630. Ming Porcelain

A Small Late Ming Blue and White Kraak Porcelain Dish, Late Wanli, Tianqi or Early Chongzhen c.1600 – 1630. Decorated with a Deer Next to a Pine Tree.


Very good, one glaze frit c.1 mm, tiny black dots on the rim which appear to be birst bubbles.
Diameter : 13.5 cm (5 1/4 inches).
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Kraakware :
All Kraak porcelain was made at the main ceramic centre in China, Jingdezhen. It does vary in style and quality to quite a large extent, and some scholars include pieces as Kraakware that others do not, so a definitive description is, I feel, rather difficult. The main group of Kraak Porcelain is less controversial. Normally thinly potted, often moulded, it`s designs are divided into decorative panels, with reserves that might include flowers and animals, taotie masks and stylised tulips. The bases often show `Chatter Marks`. These are ridges, that radiate from the centre of the base to the foot rim, they are caused by the potters finishing tool catching on the leather hard clay prior to glazing. When one looks at the construction, painting techniques and glazing of Kraak Porcelain it appears similar in many ways to some of the late Ming porcelain made for the Japanese market. I think it is quite possible that they were both made within the same kilns at Jingdezhen.