Chinese c.1750-1850 White Glaze Porcelain ‘Libation Cup’.

A very thinly potted Chinese porcelain ‘libation’ cup, probably Jingdezhen rather than Dehua kilns, c.1750-1850. Moulded to both sides with tree-peony.

In perfect condition but with some iron spots mark from when the cup was made.
Length : 9 cm (3 1/2 inches)
A Private English Collection of Chinese and Japanese Porcelain.
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Libation Cups :
Cups of this type have been traditionally referred to as `Libation Cups`. This is unlikely to be correct but their shape follows that of rhinoceros horn cups which was made locally, it is interesting baring in mind the important powers that the Chinese attach to this material. By having a Blanc de Chine cup of this form some of the powers of real rhinoceros horn might be conveyed to the drinker.