MEISSEN, Academic Period 1763 – 1774. German Hard-Paste Porcelain.

An 18th Century Meissen Porcelain Salt, Academic Period 1763 – 1774. The Decorated Natürliche Blumen and Watteau Style Figures. The Base with a Crossed-Swords Mark with a Dot Between the Hilts, for the Meissen Porcelain Factory of the Academic Period and an Impressed T.


A very large crack from the well over the side and terminating at the footrim where on the interior there is a related crudely repaired chip.
Diameter : 10.7 cm (4 1/3 inches).
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This salt was produced during Meissen's Academic Period, commonly referred to as the Dot Period (1763 - 1774) due to the mark which included a dot between the hilts of the crossed-swords. This period comes directly after the Seven Years War (1756-63), which concluded with the treaties of Hubertusburg and Paris in 1763. It was a time when the factory and indeed much of Europe was recovering from this protracted conflict. It resulted in some 900,000 to 1,400,000 deaths.