MING DYNASTY or QING DYNASTY 16th or 17th Century Chinese Bronze

A Late Ming Dynasty or Early Qing Dynasty Bronze Vase. The `Garlic Top` Form with a `Chilong` Dragon Applied.


Very good, the base-plate missing.
Height : 11 cm ( 1/4 inches)
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For two similar examples see : Later Chinese Bronzes (Rose Kerr,Bamboo Publishing,1990) Page 39 Illustration 29 on Page 42. Rose Kerr States "Vases with narrow necks, `garlic-head` top and applied models of dragon are common in porcelain from Dehua kilns in Fujian province. Dehua examples of similar form have been attributed to c.1640-1680". For a Blanc de Chine Porcelain vase of this type, Late Ming or Early Qing and dated by us to c.1620-1670, see stock number 19131 in our `Sold Items`. The description is as follows "The Bronze Form Blanc de Chine Porcelain Vase has a Garlic Top and a `Chilong` Dragon Entwined Around its Neck. The Base has a Thick Footrim and is Unglazed. For a Similar Vase See : Blanc de Chine (John Aryes,S.Marchant & Son,2006) Page 128 Item 85. Other blanc de chine vases of this type are recorded at Dresden (the inventory of 1721)."