MING or QING DYNASTY c.1600 – 1850 Cizhou Ware

A Rare Inscribed Cizhou Seal Box and Cover, Late Ming to Late Qing Dynasty c.1600 – 1850. The Rectangular Form has a Slopped Cover Which is decorated with a Flower. The Divided Interior Glazed with a Black/Brown Glaze. Part of the Red wax is Left in the Larger Section. The Unglazed Interior of the Cover is Extensively Inscribed and Appears to indicate that this Box and cover was used in a Shop.

The cover has a very long crack which is stained c.130 mm.
Length : 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)
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Post-Yuan Cizhou Pottery :
This is possibly one of the least understood types of Chinese ceramics, however it was an area that was thought to be understood, or at least given a clear recognizable label. In the pasted many pieces were described as `Ming` but we now know that some pieces are of a much later, the problem is which of these pieces are later. There are objects recovered from dated tombs, and some objects datable by inscription, but the problem of constructing a usable chronology remains. Ming and Qing Cizhou is essentially country pottery which changes little over time.