QIANLONG 1736 – 1795 Chinese Export Porcelain

A Rare Finely Painted Chinese Export Semi-Eggshell Porcelain Bowl, Qianlong Period c.1740-1745. This Carefully Decorated En Grisaille Bowl is Painted in Minute Detail. The Decoration Consists of Elegantly Dressed European Huntsmen in a Chinese Landscape. One Man Holds His Flintlock Gun in His Hand While the other Strolls Along with it Over His Shoulder, His Other Hand is On His Sword. In Front of them is a Hunting Dog with a Bell Around it`s Neck Being Led Alone by a Boy. The Window of the Building is Open with a Group of Europeans Watching the Scene


in excellent condition, one very minor shallow glaze frit c.4 x 1 mm.
Diameter : 14.2 cm (5 1/2 inches).
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The exterior decoration is far less strong than the interior border, probably because they were painted by different people with a different strengths of black pigment. The exterior is not worn as the small touches of gold (the dogs bell for example) are bright and un-rubbed. If the bowl had been worn the gilding would be the first to show signs of wear.