A Rare 18th Century Chinese Porcelain Grotto

A Rare 18th Century Biscuit Glazed Porcelain Grotto Group c.1750-1770. The Iron Brown Glazed Rusticated Model has a Model of a Shrine with a Figure Inside and a Two Character Inscription. Below it are Two Immortal with a Monkey Beneath them. The Back is Made of Three Pointed Slabs of Porcelain with Iron-Oxide Glaze.


Some losses ; one hand as well as the the fore arm and hand of the monkey are missing. Part of the hat of one immortal is missing. Minor chips to the buildings pointed roof. The building moves slightly but is secure.
Height : 16 cm (6 1/4 inches)
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Monkey / Hou :
Like some many Chinese symbols the Monkey Hou is related to its meaning by word association. Hou is written and pronounced in the same way as the word for a high ranking noble, similar to a Marquis in the West. As a result monkeys are symbol of high rank, they are often shown carrying a peach to symbolise longevity. The monkey is also one of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.