QIANLONG 1736 – 1795 Chinese Taste Porcelain

A Rare Late Qianlong Blue and White Porcelain Seal Box and Cover c.1770 -1785. The Square Form with an Inner Compartment For Seal-Paste, with Some Red Seal-Paste Still Inside. The Finely Painted Decoration Consists of an Extensive Riverside Landscape on the Top, the Sides are Alternating Between Flowers and Panels of Calligraphy.


Poor, large sections of the base base re-stuck.
Width : 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm (5 x 5 inches) Height : 7.8 cm (3 inches).
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This rare object is decorated in a style found on many pieces of Chinese export porcelain during the late 18th century. However the function of this object, made for storing seals and seal-paste clearly show it was made for the Chinese. The use of large panels of calligraphy help to emphasise its origin as an object made for the Chinese scholar`s studio, or perhaps official or commercial use.