QIANLONG 1736 – 1795 Giles Type English Decoration

A Rare English Enamelled Figure of Giles Type. The Chinese Export Porcelain Figure of the Immortal Royal Uncle Cao, Cao Guojiu, was Enamelled in London c.1750-1760, Probably in the Workshop of James Giles. The Immortal is Shown Standing Upright on an Oval Base Moulded with a Wave Motif.


Broken through the lower part of the body and restored.
Height : 12.5 cm (8 3/4 inches)
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For a similar 18th century Chinese export porcelain figure with this distinctive moulded wave design to the base and similar enamelled flower over-decoration see : The Early James Giles and his Contemporary London Decorators (Stephen Hanscombe, Stockspring Antiques. 2008) page 76, items 64, 65 , and 66 illustrated on page 77.



Royal Uncle Cao / Cao Guojiu :
Cao Guojiu (meaning "Royal Uncle Cao") is the newest (though not youngest) of the Eight Immortals. He is generally thought to have lived during the Song dynasty (960-1279). As the brother of Empress Dowager Cao, he is the most aristocratic member of the Eight Immortals and can be seen to represent the feudal nobility.
In legendary accounts, Cao Guojiu is described as a natural ascetic who had no interest in the affairs of state preferring stillness and quiet contemplation to royal duties. In iconography, he is typically portrayed as an elderly man in an imperial cap, bearing a tablet that allows admission to the royal court.

The Eight Immortals :
The Eight Immortals are a group of legendary Xian, immortals or transcendents in Chinese mythology. Each Immortals power can be transferred to a power tool that can give life or destroy evil. Together, these eight tools are called `Covert Eight Immortals`. Most of them are said to have been born in the Tang Dynasty or Song Dynasty. They are revered by the Taoists, and are also a popular element in the secular Chinese culture. They are said to live on Penglai Mountain-Island.
The Immortals are : Immortal Woman He (He Xiangu),Royal Uncle Cao (Cao Guojiu),Iron-Crutch Li (LiTieguai),Lan Caihe,Lü Dongbin, (leader)Philosopher Han Xiang (Han Xiang Zi),Elder Zhang Guo(Zhang Guo Lao),and Zhongli Quan.