QIANLONG 1736 – 1795 Jefferyes Hammett O`Neale Decoration

An 18th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Teabowl. The Decoration is English, Attributed to Jefferyes Hammett O`Neale c.1756-1768. Decorated with the Aesop`s Fables of the Sow and the Bitch with the Corresponding Number on the Base `103`. From The Source Material For this Design is Samuel Croxall Illustrated Aesop`s Fables of 1722.

Diameter : 8 cm (3 1/8 inches)
Errol Manners, 25th November 1999. The Helen Espir Collection of European Decorated Chinese Export Porcelain : "a member of the Oriental Ceramic Society and collector, with her husband. Having made a typical collection of Song and provincial Ming blue and white, they decided to concentrate on what used to be called `clobbered` porcelain. She is the author of the standard work on the subject, European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain,2005, the first to examine the work of European decorators on Chinese porcelain throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, focusing on enamellers in Holland, Germany and England. She has learned Chinese." From Provenance ; Collectors, Dealers & Scholars : Chinese Ceramics in Britain & America (Roy Davids, Dominic Jellinek, Privately Printed, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9570148-0-0).
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For a part service of Chinese export porcelain decorated with Aesop`s Fables attributed to Jefferyes Hammett O`Neale see : European Decoration on Oriental Porcelain 1700 - 1830 (Helen Espir, Jorge Welsh Books, 2005) page 235, plate 38. Chinese Decorated Examples : For a Chinese export porcelain coffee cup with a design from Aesop`s Fables see our `Sold Items`. For a Chinese export porcelain coffee cup and saucer see : China for the West, Chinese Porcelain & other Decorative Arts for Export Illustrated from the Mottahedeh Collection (David S. Howard and John Ayers, Sotheby`s,1978) Volume 1, page 343, plate 340. For a cup and saucer see : Chinese Export Porcelain in the Reeves Center Collection at Washington and Lee University (Thomas V.Litzenburg Jr. Third Millennium Publishing London 2003. ISBN 1-903942-1-9-5) page 182 plate 178.



Samuel Croxall (1693 - 1752) was cleric, publisher, printer, and pamphleteer. His edition containing wood-engraving was published in 1722. The book was aimed at educating children. For more information see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Croxall

Jefferyes Hammett O`Neale :
Jefferyes Hammett O`Neale is best known for his Fable painting at Chelsea. It is possible the decoration he carried out on Chinese porcelain was done because there was little work at the Chelsea factory. His Fable decoration of Chinese Export Porcelain was carried out for a brief period in the late 1750s at the workshop of the decorator and ‘chinaman’ James Giles in Berwick street or possibly St.Giles in the Fields, London.