Rare Song Celadon Flower Shaped Dish

Song Dynasty 12th or 13th Century

A Rare Song Celadon Flower Shaped Dish, Probably Longquan kilns, 12th or 13th Century. This small moulded sixteen petalled Song porcelain dish is delicate, thinly potted and unlike most Longquan celadon. The glaze is rather thinly applied, allowing the ribs to stand out. By contrast the underside of the dish has incised lines channeled out of the leather hard clay, these have filled with glaze making them more pronounced. The celadon glaze is rather pure and does not have tiny bubbles evenly dispersed. The footring is thin and not even, the footrim is so thin in places it feels slightly sharp to the touch. Iron of an orange hue has migrated to the margin between glaze and the biscuit porcelain. The back has some firing faults ; burst bubbles with small fractures. I think this piece is from probably from the Longquan kilns, however aesthetically and technically it has several differences, as if trying to conform to refined Song tastes. Longquan celadons tend to be heavier and more robust, with thick glazes and diffused bubbles. The edge has been bound in a copper alloy, probably bronze.

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The back has some firing faults ; burst bubbles with small fractures. Tiny chips to the footrim.
Diameter 12 cm (4 3/4 inches).
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