An 18th Century Sevres Porcelain Double Salt

1780 - 1800

A Sevres Porcelain Double Salt made in 1780 and decorated c.1790-1800. This Sevres porcelain double-salt is decorated in the Neo-Classical style and has a rich blue ground with gilding and cartouches containing garden flowers. The base has a smudged ‘Sèvres’ mark in over-glaze blue with the painter’s mark ‘y’ for Edme-François Bouillant, know as Bouillant père. He was a painter of fruit, flowers, butterflies etc working at the Sèvres factory from c.1758 to 1810. Above these marks is a ghostly interlaced LL for the Sèvres factory and CC for 1780, it seems this mark was erased in around 1790-1800 when ‘Sèvres’ mark and painters mark were added.


In good condition, a small chip to the lower edge with associated loss of gilding. Two further minute chips to the lower edge.
Length 12.4 cm (5 inches)
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