SONG DYNASTY or JIN DYNASTY or LIAO 11th or 12th CENTURY. Northern Chinese Stoneware

A Northern Chinese Stoneware Lobed Shallow Bowl or Dish. Song or Jin Dynasty or Possibly Liao, 11th or 12th Century. The Shallow Flower Shaped Bowl has Ten Cut Lobes and is Decorated with an Iron-Oxide Glaze that Varies Between Black and Brown with Thinning at the Rim. The Hard White Stoneware Body has a Sugary Appearance.


Very good, two minute glaze chips c.1 or 2 mm.
Diameter : 13.1 cm (5 1/3 inches). Height : 3.7 cm (1 1/2 inches).
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Compare to a similar piece we sold from The John Drew Collection which is now in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Maud Ochs Fund, acquisition number C29-2007. Our old stock number 18536 (enter the stock number in 'Search' on the 'Sold Items' or 'Archives').

For another similar piece described as Song or Liao see Yuegutang, A Collection of Chinese Ceramics in Berlin (Regina Krahl, G+H Verlag, Berlin, 2000) page 227 plate 181.