SONG or JIN DYNASTY c.12th Century. Cizhou Type

A Song or Jin Cizhou Type Pottery Kidney Shaped Pillow with Sgraffiato Decoration c.12th Century. The Incised Decoration is through the Slip and Reveals the Body Colour,the Piece was then Covered in a Green Glaze Which has not been Mixed Well and a Pale Ochre to the Sides. The Base is Unglazed.


Two large restored rim chips to the top left had corner c.34 x 14 mm and c.46 x 7 mm. Small rim chips.
Length : 24 cm (9 1/2 inches)
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The name Cizhou originated from the ancient area of Cizhou, encompassing a broad arc across China, which was first recorded during the Sui dynasty (581-618). However, the location constantly shifted and though the area of Cizhou is mentioned in the Tang dynasty (618-906) and Five Dynasties (906-960), each referred to an altered location. During the Song, Jin (1125-1234), Yuan (1279-1368), and partly into the Ming dynasties (1368-1644) the kiln areas of Cizhou were primarily concentrated in the northern provinces of Hebei, Henan, and Shaanxi. From the `History` section of our website by Mindy M. McDonald.

For related Cizhou pillows see : The Freedom of Clay and Brush Through Seven Centuries in Northern China : Tz`u-chou Type Wares, 960 - 1660 A.D. (Yutaka Mino, Indianapolis Museum of Art,1981).