Song Polychrome Cizhou Pottery Ewer

Song or Jin 12th or 13th Century

A Song Dynasty or Jin Cizhou Type Pottery Ewer c.12th or 13th Century, Cizhou kilns, probably Hebei Province. This tall heavy Cizhou ewer has a very small spout and a handle with an indented line. The clay is white and the overglazed decoration consisting of a flowering plant fills the from of this ewer. The handle retains some of its red decoration, there are two red lines (worn) beneath the rim, the spout was also painted red . The name Cizhou originated from the ancient area of Cizhou, encompassing a broad arc across China, it was first recorded during the Sui dynasty (581-618). However, the location constantly shifted and though the area of Cizhou is mentioned in the Tang dynasty (618-906) and Five Dynasties (906-960), each referred to an altered location. During the Song, Jin (1125-1234), Yuan (1279-1368), and partly into the Ming dynasties (1368-1644) the kiln areas of Cizhou were primarily concentrated in the northern provinces of Hebei, Henan, and Shaanxi.



In good condition, some glaze loss to the rim and top of the spout. There is a firing flaw to the side where it has touched something else in the kiln. Wear to the enamels. Discolouration due to burial.
Height 19 cm (7 1/2 inches)
Algemene Ethnografica En Kunsthandel Aaderink B.V., Spielgracht 15 en 7, Amsterdam. Sold 12th June 1976 , 3,750 Guilders. P.J. Stolk Collection.
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