SOUTHERN SONG 1127 – 1279 Song Stoneware

A Southern Song (1127-1279) Bowl, Nanfeng Type Ware, Probably from a Kiln in Jiangxi Province. The Rather White Stoneware Body is Covered with a Layer, Perhaps Two Layers to the interior, of a Warm Brown Iron Rich Glaze.

In excellent condition, there is just one minute glaze chip c. 2 x 2 mm to the outside edge. The glaze is far more lustrous than it appears in the photographs.
Diameter : 11 cm (4 1/4 inches)
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White Edged Song Bowls :
Black and dark brown glazed bowls with a white slip decorated edge were produced at a number of Song and Jin kilns. It is not known why they had a white edge, it might be that they were meant to imitate the silver rims that were sometimes added to stoneware and porcelain of the period. It could simply be that the white rim looks striking when compared to the rich brown or blacks used for the glaze.