Southern Song Dynasty Qingbai Carved Porcelain Bowl

Southern Song Dynasty 1127 - 1279

A Southern Song Dynasty Qingbai Porcelain Bowl 12th or 13th Century, Probably Jingdezhen Kilns. This relatively large bowl is very thinly potted, however the base is quite heavy which makes it feel balanced. The foot is rather broad but shallow, it is glazed, this was possible with Qingbai porcelain as it was fired on its unglazed, biscuit porcelain rim. The present example shows some of the residual degraded metal rim that would have once adorned this bowl. The sketchy light carving and combing to the interior of the bowl is full of energy, is has become quite abstract. Among the swirls, curves and combing is flowering lotus.

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There is a long fine crack to the rim.
Diameter 19.8 cm (7 3/4 inches)
From a Private Collection, London.
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