TANG or FIVE DYNASTIES 9th or 10th Century Stoneware

A Fine Large Late Tang Dynasty (618-906) or Five Dynasties (907-960) Stoneware Bowl, 9th or 10th Century. The Deep Straight Sided Conical Form Bowl has a Very Slight Lip and is Supported on a Broad Foot. The Off-white Colour of the Bowl is Due to the Thick, Rather Opaque Glaze Which has a Pale Blue Tint to it, it has been Applied Directly to the Body. The Foot and Base are Unglazed Revealing a Rather Granular Stoneware Body.

Very good, two small shallow flake type chips to the outer edge of rim on an unglazed area c.5 x 4 mm and 4 x 4 mm, some wear to the well of the bowl.
Diameter : 21 cm (8 1/4 inches).
The PHDS Wikramaratna Collection of Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art. PHDS Wikramaratna (PH) was born in Ceylon in 1916, coming to London in 1937 where he took a First Class Honours Degree in engineering. He returned to Ceylon at the outbreak of war where he was the first Ceylonese teacher of civil engineering. After settling in the UK with his Dutch-born wife and their family, he gradually built up an extensive collection of Far-Eastern, and mainly Chinese, ceramics, although by no means limited in scope. His antiquities will appear in a later sale. Being in London allowed him to research his finds in the museum showcases, the libraries, the salerooms, and with his many expert friends and acquaintances. As a member of the Oriental Ceramic Society, he often attended meetings and occasionally loaned some of his pieces for OCS exhibitions or gave a lecture. At one time he became a potter to find out more about the techniques used - but according to his wishes, his family has kept these pots. PH had an excellent eye and a feel for the unusual, and his collection contains many pieces which at first glance may appear unexciting but are actually carefully chosen for the ceramics story they have to tell. This sale is an opportunity for both the novice collector and the more experienced. Over the years, PH gave many fine pieces to museums; they can be seen at the British Museum, Victoria and Albert, Ashmolean and Fitzwilliam. PH died in December 2010 and his collection is now coming up for sale. In 1994, Mr Wikramaratna had an inventory taken of the better pieces in the collection and some reference to it has been made in the footnotes, these items have tiny yellow and red numbered stickers.
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