A Rare Chinese Export Porcelain Teapot and Cover, Qianlong Period c.1775-1785, Copying Worcester Porcelain.

A rare Chinese export porcelain teapot and cover copying a Blue and White Worcester porcelain original, Qianlong c.1770-1785.Hand-painted faithfully copying Worcester`s well know transfer design the`Fence Pattern`.


The teapot is in good condition, some fritting to the spout. The the finial has been re-stuck, the edge of the cover has a chip to the front c.10 x 8 mm, this shows slightly on the unglazed underside. There is a small slender shallow chip to the rim c.5 x 2 mm.
Length : 20 cm (8 inches)
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For examples of the original Worcester "Fence Pattern` together with other English examples see : Godden`s Guide to English Blue and White Porcelain (Geoffrey A. Godden, Antique Collectors` Club, 2004. ISBN 1-85149-448-0) a very similar jug on page 397, plate 487, other examples on pages 400 and 401 and for a Caughley example see page 443 plate 120. For another Chinese porcelain example, a cream jug, see our 'Sold Items' 23456.



The Worcester porcelain factory produced the `Fence Pattern` from about 1770 to about 1785, it is one of the most common of all blue and white Worcester porcelain designs. This blue and white transfer printed pattern occurs with several variations and was used on many different forms. It was extensively copied by other 18th century English factories, especially Caughley, but it was also produced at Lowestoft, Derby, Liverpool and Isleworth. The present example appears to be a copy of the Worcester original rather than any other English factory. Referred to as a creamer or a `sparrow beak` jug, this jug is very rare, indeed Chinese copies of this pattern are rare, unlike Chinese blue and white copies of one of Worcester`s other well known designs, the `Pine Cone` pattern. The `Fence Pattern` is pseudo Chinese in style. Large quantities of 18th century Worcester `Fence Pattern` can be seen in Holland, almost all of which is Worcester, however I have seen a few Lowestoft examples as well.