Unusual Arita Porcelain Dish in Nabeshima Style c.1700

c.1690 - 1730 

An Unusual Japanese Blue and White Dish in the Nabeshima Style, Arita Kilns c.1690-1730. The sparsely decorated asymmetrical design is of flowering chrysanthemum growing from under a fallen dead tree, perhaps suggesting strong character and a long life, despite the inevitable fate of us all. The high foot with its inclined angle is painted with repeated rectangles attached to a concentric line. This is a typical feature of Nabeshima ware, however the dish is clearly from Arita, well it just isn’t good enough quality to be Nabeshima. The Arita kilns made porcelain in the style of other, perhaps more illustrious kilns, such as Kakiemon as well as Nabeshima.

In excellent condition, minor kiln blemishes.
Diameter 18cm (7 inches).
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