Pair of Ming Blue and White Porcelain Vases, Late Wanli c.1600-1620.

A pair of blue and white Ming porcelain baluster vases, Wanli Period (1573-1620). Painted in the ‘Pencilled’ style with bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus. The lower register with the ‘Three Islands’ emerging from the ‘Green Sea Wave’ .


Both with discolouration to the lutting lines.
Height : 15 cm (6 inches)
From the collection of Reginald Howard Reed Palmer MC, DL (1898-1970). He was one of the foremost collectors of his day. He started collecting in 1924 and exhibited widely. He began selling his collection in 1962 and, following several sales after death, 19 early blue and white porcelain objects were sold in Hong Kong. They were then purchased by the parents of the last owner.
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For a pair of similar Ming porcelain vases see : Yuan and Ming Blue and White From Jiangxi (Various authors Jiangxi Provincial Museum and the Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,2002) Item 97. Another pair of Ming porcelain vases of this type from the collection of Karl-Johan Thornander were sold by R and G McPherson Antiques number 19330.



The Three Islands :

The 'Three Islands' emerging from the 'green sea wave' is a very auspicious design and to Taoists, it represents the Daoist Paradise island believed to lurk somewhere off the eastern coast of China. Sometimes they are named as Mount Penglai, Mount Fangzhang, and Mount Yingzhou, they were associated with immortality.