VUNG TAU CARGO c.1690 – 1700. Kangxi Porcelain

An Unusual Kangxi Blue and White Porcelain Tazza from the Vung Tau Cargo Shipwreck.


Perfect with a very good glaze.
Height : 14 cm (5 1/2 inches)
Christie`s Amsterdam, The Vung Tau Cargo, Chinese Export Porcelain, April 1992. Label to base lot 17. A Private collection. For a very similar Kangxi Porcelain tazza see : Porcelain From The Vung Tau Wreck - The Hallstrom Excavation (By Christian J.A. Jorg and Michael Fletcher.Sun Tree Publishing Ltd, U.K. ISBN 981-04-5208-X.) page 71 figure 62.
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This rare form is almost unknown apart from the pieces recovered from the Vung Tau shipwreck of c.1690 to 1700. Stem cups and footed dishes are shapes used in China, however the present example is a European form, it would have been based on Dutch glass or pewter. Jorg states that these blue and white Kangxi tazza were probably used for serving sweets or lumps of sugar, he also states that it has been suggested that they were used for wine. This appears an unlikely use.