WANLI or TIANQI c.1610 – 1627 Ming Porcelain

An Unusual Small Ming Blue and White Porcelain Bowl with a Partly Carved Design, Wanli or Tianqi c.1610-1627. Delicately Painted in a Silvery Blue with Roundels of Flowers and a Sacred Fugus Inside in the `Pencilled Decoration` Style (A Linear Style Without the use of Tonal Shading).

Very good, some light fritting to the side of the rim.
Diameter : 7.7 cm (3 inches)
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References : For Similar Late Ming Porcelain with this Unusual Carved Technique See : Linglong (Jorge Welsh,London,2004) Items 1 and 2, Pages 28-39. An Informative Description is given "The Semi-Pierced Technique seen in this Piece (Item number 1, a Rare Wanli Bottle Vase with a Persian Inscription) is a Variation of the Open-Work Carving `Linglong` or Quigong (Devil`s Work). The Technique was Particularly Difficult and Required a Considerable Skill. First the Piece had to be Thrown, Painted in Under-Glaze Cobalt Blue, and Glazed. Then the Lattice was Carved into the Sides of the Vessel without Completely Piercing the Porcelain, so that the Recessed Pattern would be Unglazed and would Contrast with the Glazed Porcelain. The Technique Produced a Similar Visual Impression to the Fully Pierced Porcelains without the need of a Metal Liner. The Lattice of Key-fret Pattern is Based on the Chinese Character `Wan` (Ten Thousand) or the Buddhist Swastika..." (Jorge Welsh is an Antique Dealer at 116 Kensington Church Street, London, W8). For another Ming blue and white bowl of this size and design see our `Sold Items` item number 17971.