Warring States Period Pottery Jar 475-221 B.C.

Warring States Period 475-221 B.C.

An Eastern Zhou Pottery Jar from the Warring States Period 475-221 B.C. or perhaps late Spring and Autumn Period  (6th or 5th Century B.C.). This grey pottery Zhou (770 – 256 B.C.) period jar is unusual in that the decoration has done with a paddle as well as applied decoration and is has also been incised with a tool. The paddle, perhaps pottery or wood would have been carved, then pressed into the wet clay leaving an impressed design, multiple uses would give a continuous design across the jar. The handles are constructed from two strands of neatly curled clay with a pinched ridge running down from the center. The rim has been trimmed with a knife. For another Warring States jar from our Sold Archive, see below.



Part of the applied decoration are damaged, a small rim chip crudely repaired. Small chips and wear.
Height 11 cm (4 1/3 inches)
From an American Private Collection.
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Robert McPherson Antiques, Sold Archive 21728

An Eastern Zhou Pottery Jar from the Warring States Period 475-221 B.C. The Wall of this Grey Pottery Zhou (770 - 256 B.C.) Jar has an Impressed Criss Cross Design Created by the Use of a Paddle. The Handles Might be in Imitation of an Animal Form and are Constructed from Two Strands of Clay. Between the Handles Either Side of the Jar in the Upper Center are Two Double Spirals Applied to the Surface. 21728