YONGZHENG 1723 – 1735 Chinese Export Porcelain

An 18th Century Chinese Export Porcelain Teabowl, Possibly Depicting the V.O.C. Governor-General Duiven. Decorated in Iron Red, Black, Green, with Gilding. Depicting a Very Well Dressed Couple in a Garden Landscape with their Dog.


Good, tiny rim frits.
Diameter : 7.4 cm (2 3/4 inches)
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For a dish from the Franks Collection of this patterns See : Ancient Chinese Trade Ceramics from The British Museum (Regina Krahl and Jessica Harrison-Hall, National Museum of History, Republic of China,1994. ISNB 957-00-3623-0) Pages 58-59 Item 22. dated Qing dynasty c.1715-1725. For a dish of this pattern but with the use of underglaze blue see : The Choice of the Private Trader, The Private Market in Chinese Export Porcelain illustrated from the Hodroff Collection (David S.Howard, Zwemmer,1994. ISBN 0 302 00642 7) Page 62 Item 37.



`Governor Duff` Designs :
No firm identification has been offered for this subject matter but there have been many suggestions, including King Louis of France. The name generally associated with this pattern, `Governor Duff` relates to the Dutch Governor-General Diederick Duiven (1676-1740) who served in that post at the V.O.C. headquarters in Batavia from 1729 to 1731. Howard suggests this is possible but thinks it could well be a a wealthy Friesian merchant and his wife. This well known Chinese Export Porcelain Scene appears in appears in at least two versions, one of which includes underglaze blue.