YONGZHENG or QIANLONG c.1730 – 1770 Canton Enamel

A Pair of Finely Painted Canton Enamel Saucers in the Chinese Taste, Yongzheng or Qianlong c.1730-1770. The Dish on the Left with Two Scholars Relaxing in a Pleasure Boat with an Attendant Boy in the Cabin Near an Yixing Teapot and Cups on a Table. The Second Dish Painted with a Heavy Set Bearded Scholar Relaxing Below an Old Weeping Willow Tree While an Assistant Offers Him a Teapot on a Tray. Both Saucers with Floral Borders Interspersed with Five Pink Bats, with Floral Spray on the Exterior.


Dish on the left : there is a rather crude repair to the enamel on the back near the rim c.8 x 4 mm. Some wear to the enamel, especially on the back. Dish on the right: some small repairs near the back edge. Some wear to the back.
Diameter : 12 cm (4 3/4 inches)
Gerald Hawthorn Ltd. See Oriental Works of Art and Miniatures, Gerald Hawthorn Ltd, Winter 2008. Catalogue number 24.
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