YUAN 1279 – 1368 Jun Ware

A Yuan Jun Ware Bowl, Yuan Dynasty, from a Kiln in Yu or Linru Counties, Henan Province or Southern Hebei Province. The Thickly Potted Stoneware Bowl has a Thick Glaze with a Large Purple Splash.


A section of the rim has been broken out and repaired with gilt lacquer.
Diameter : 20.7 cm (8 inches) Depth : 8.9 cm (3 1/3 inches)
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Jun Ware :
Jun ware from Northern China has been much admired but little understood, however new research has revealed much about its production. Fired between 1250-1300 C. The glaze is full of `spherules` that diffuse the light. These tiny light scattering droplets of glaze diffuse the light and give Jun ware its `soft` look.
For more information on Chinese glazes see : Chinese Glazes, Their Origins, Chemistry and Recreation (Nigel Wood, A & C Black, London, 1999).