Yuan Dynasty Jun Ware Bowl

Yuan Dynasty 14th Century

A Yuan Jun Ware Bowl, Jun Kilns, Henan Province, 14th Century. This heavy grey-stoneware bowl has a gently curving wall with an upright rim. The colour of this Jun bowl is difficult to describe, it is a green-blue with grey, the glazed is covered in a very fine network of crazing that is a yellow-grey. It is possible this Jun bowl has misfired. Jun ware from Northern China has been much admired but little understood, however new research has revealed much about its production. Fired between 1250-1300 C. The glaze is full of `spherules` that diffuse the light. These tiny light scattering droplets of glaze diffuse the light and give Jun ware its soft look. For more information on Chinese glazes see : Chinese Glazes, Their Origins, Chemistry and Recreation (Nigel Wood, A & C Black, London, 1999). For further information see : Chinese Ceramics from the Meiyintang Collection, Volume One (Regina Krahl, Azimuth Editions 1994. ISBN 1-8985592-02-0) page 218 to 225.




In good condition, the unusual colour is perhaps due to misfiring or burial.
Diameter 17.4 cm (6 3/4 inches).
A Private American Collection
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